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Wayfaren Review: Large World Push Pin Map with classic frame

Traveling the world can be quite an investment of time. There is the planning, preparation and rest in between. It is too easy to get caught up in knocking more places off your bucket list and forget about the best reason to travel, the experiences.

Our new Large World Push Pin Map from Wayfaren is a beautiful way to remind us of this. The handmade map allows us to keep track of where we have been and where we still need to go.

As soon as we opened up the packaged, we knew it would serve as more than just a map to track our activities, it would become a unique addition in our home as a reminder of all the amazing moments we have had and will have traveling the world.

A push pin map by Wayfaren makes the perfect gift for all the travel lovers in your life or for someone who needs a little reminder to get out there and explore!

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Building moments

world push pin travel map

The cool thing about the map is its endless possibilities to help build precious moments as a couple. Traveling is not just about the moments we are on the go. There is the time we spend planning beforehand and sharing the adventures with friends and our community afterwards.

Our push pin travel map becomes the center of these moments while we are at home. This custom addition to our home decor allows us to reminisce about our past adventures. At the same time it serves as the perfect conversation piece to include others in our travels. With each pin comes hours of stories, ripe for the telling.

Handcrafted memories

travel maps with pins

The Wayfaren husband and wife team, Luke and Abby handcraft every item with care. As soon as we opened the package, it was quite clear just how much attention they give to their product and customer. It even included a handwritten postcard!

We chose to get four different colors of pins, which would create a beautiful mosaic if placed randomly, can be used to help organize our map. First are the memories that have already been created. We are using the gold pins to mark off important life events including where we met and our wedding.

world map with pins

Black pins are for where we have already visited and white for where we still need to go. For the last, blue pins, we chose to mark off our favorite destinations that we could go back to time and time again. This is just one way to utilize the colored pins, the choice is yours!

But Wait, There’s More!

large world map

Wayfaren has much more to offer than its handmade push pin maps. If you are looking for a more artistic map, they have a watercolor option. They also have the most important item for a travel blogger, a sleek travel journal.

Their most interesting item is a handcrafted wooden keepsake box. We wish we had this for our honeymoon adventures, so maybe we will have to get one for our first child!

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