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Conquest Maps Review: Rustic Vintage Pinboard Travel Map

As travel enthusiasts it is easy to get overwhelmed under a mountain of maps and brochures of places you have been and want to go. We could not be more excited to open up our newest edition to our home decor from Conquest Maps.

It is easy to keep buying more travel related gadgets, but forget that we are not on the road 24/7. We can now bring our adventures and planning into our home with the beautiful Rustic Vintage World Pin Board Map.

Conquest Map World Pin board Map Review:


conquest map 	travel map pin board

Jaz and Steven have been traveling their entire lives with their individual families growing up and together as adults. It is hard to keep up with all the places we have already been together and which we can still go back for the other to enjoy.

The pin board map comes with two colors of pins, one for past visits and one for future. We just might need to get some additional push pins to take it one step further and separate the destinations we visited individually or as a couple.

This creates an even more colorful keepsake and reminder of where we have been around the world. It also makes for the perfect conversation piece to draw your friends and family into a story of one of your adventures.

Travel Map Pin Board Design:

world map with pins Conquest Map

The pin board map comes with a ledged printed right onto the map, which by default comes with a place to show which color pins are from previous visits and places still to visit.

Within each country, the map has several major cities as well or even more on larger countries. This perfectly aligns with our ideology of exploring every destination in depth and by foot. A visit to New York City should not have to count as a complete visit to the United States, and this design makes it possible.

Steven’s favorite part about the design is the map’s overall vintage look. Yet, at the same time it appears to be a rather up to date political map. It is just a really cool and well thought out design choice.

Conquest Map World Travel Pin Map Quality:

Conquest Map World Travel Pin Map Quality

The push pin map is printed on a canvas stretched over a sturdy internal frame.  It has a thick cork backing which allows the pins to stick in well. The printing itself is high quality, with even the smallest letters easy to read.

The map also nicely comes with the picture hanger, so there is no additional hardware that you need, besides a hammer. It even has a small level to make sure the map is straight when hung. They have really thought everything through for the best customer experience. You can have it hanging in your house within minutes of arriving!

travel maps with pins

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Alice Nettleingham

Wednesday 15th of February 2017

This is an awesome piece of travel resource that's very useful in visualizing where someone wants to go next! Further, as it's a map that can be placed on the wall, it's easy to see the places one has gone to and places they would love to visit soon. Travel planning is sure to be easier as well because of this map!

Travel To Blank

Wednesday 15th of February 2017

Exactly! Our trip planning went from a disorganized spreadsheet on the computer to this beautiful work of art on our wall.