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Product Review: Push Pin Travel Map

We love keep track of the places we want to travel to and the places where we have already been. Jaz began visiting destinations around the globe at age two and she has not stopped traveling since. Steven has already visited all 50 states, with many cross country road trips growing up.

It has been hard to keep track of all the destinations we have visited over the past several years. When we just got married we bought a paper map to highlight our adventures. As it easily got crinkled and the marks began to smudge, we had it framed to protect it. This meant the end of adding to our paper map. That is when we saw the awesome maps from Push Pin Travel Map.

Personalized travel map with pins:

Push Pin Travel Maps have several type of maps to choose from: World Maps, US Maps, State Maps and DIY Maps. The maps come in a variety of colors. The maps cost $120 and includes free shipping.

push pin travel map

We are are now proud owners of the earth toned US travel map which will help us plan our road trip for laters this year. It will also be an amazing and beautiful visual to remind us of all our travels. The goal is to completely fill it with pins.

 Purchase your own now: Push Pin Travel Map

The map is the perfect gift for any travel enthusiast, special someone or yourself. We are always thinking about what to buy for our next adventure, it is easy to forget to buy something for your home! The Push Pin Travel Map is a great reminder in your home or office to get out there and keep exploring!

When we first opened the package we were in awe with how much this one country has to offer those willing to explore it. The map already comes conveniently framed with several options to meet every home decor.

push pin travel map travel to blank

Our favorite thing about Push Pin Travel Map is that you can have it personalized plaque where you can add your name, a special date, travel quote or whatever you want. If you are not feeling creative, how about My Bucket List.

We chose to get our names and Travel to Blank as a reminder of how far we have gone together as a couple and how much further our travel blog has taken us.

The world’s best travel map with pins:

The Push Pin Map comes with three different colored pins to track your travels in a variety of ways. Although there are a million ways to use the map, here are some different ideas we came up with:

  • 1. Your favorite locations 2. Where you have been and 3. Where you would like to go next.
  • Have a friendly competition of who has visited more places. Each person gets their own color pin.
  • Small businesses: See how far and wide your customer reach is across the country. Each color pin depends on how many orders you have sent to a specific location.
  • Travel bloggers: Keep track of your workflow for your posts about different locations. It is easy to forget about a destination if your work piles up, but this is a great visual reminder of your work.


Jazmin is a super organized when it comes to plan a new trip. She cannot wait to utilize this map to more easily visualize and keep track of where we have been and where we still have to visit. We have seen so much of the country already, but we plan on hanging our Push Pin travel map above our desk to regularly remind us on how much more there is to see!

It is time to grab the hammer and get this map hanging on the wall! We cannot wait to fill up the map and plan our next next adventures around the United States.

Push Pin Travel Map Review Video:

Push Pin Maps Review

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