Packing List for Iceland During the Summer

When packing for your summer trip to Iceland remember that summer does not always mean hot. Warm summer days in Iceland normally reach a high of just 15ºC. Beyond your normal travel clothing, there are many items that you can easily forget you will need in Iceland. If you plan on

Mon Purse review: The perfect bag for you!

There might be many brands offering customized leather items but Mon Purse is by far my favorite. It is a high end purse that can be customized to your taste, at a fair price. Mon Purse uses the same quality material and craftsmanship as other luxurious labels with the difference

Delray Beach: The Perfect Beachfont Getaway

Delray Beach, Florida is a fantastic gateway destination. It has more than 30 green parks, golf courses, tennis courts and many water sports. Delray has something for every warm-weather enthusiast. Its pristine beaches with clear emerald waters offers the perfect weekend vacation in the sun. See even more tips and photos

The Ultimate 9 Day Morocco Itinerary

The best way to explore a country is by visiting as many cities as possible. Each city has its own unique look and feel. By visiting a handful of cities across Morocco you get a good feel of all the country has to offer. We have selected our favorites cities in Morocco