Top Secrets to get the best deal in Air fares

After years of traveling and countless flights around the world, we have learned the inner workings of the airline industry. For your next adventure we have created four basic tips that will save you money on your airplane ticket purchase. This is not a set in stone guide, rather four tips to consider

Travelling to the USA with an ESTA

Anybody traveling to the US is typically required to get a visa. However, for citizens of 38 countries, this is no longer the case. Citizens of the United Kingdom, France, Chile and Norway among others can now apply for an ESTA(Electronic System for Travel Authorization), under the Visa Waiver Program. The Visa

Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone Unboxing and First Flight Well, we decided to join the future and got our first drone, the Yuneec Breeze 4K. This lightweight and portable drone is a great entry level option for those first time fliers out there. With its 4K video and simple to use control app, it does pack quite a punch for