Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper Review

Whether we are traveling or at home, working or on vacation, everyday we use a handful of different battery powered technologies a day. When it is a warm and sunny day, it is hard to resist putting our shoes on and heading outside! The Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper makes sure that on your

Personalized Photo Quote Canvas Print Review

Choosing the right Valentine's Day gift can be hard when you realize how many options there are out there. That is why it took Jaz so long to find the perfect gift for Steven. Our favorite memory and journey we took together has been our marriage. I found 76th & Newbury, which produces custom prints

LunoWear Ebony and Bamboo Watches Review

LunoWear watches began with the inspiration from the Co-founder, Boman Farrer's grandfather and his lifetime of watch making. They sought to bring these years of heritage into a stylish and lightweight watch option, and the LunoWear was born. Style LunoWear brings the maximum style and form to these lightweight designs. The use of nice leather

The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide for Couples

We wish that every gift was a surprise trip to another exotic location. But, let's be honest, our budget does just not allow for that. As a traveling couple our gifts for each other tend to be, well, travel related! This budget friendly gift guide will help you find the

Rustic Vintage World Pin Board Map Review

As travel enthusiasts it is easy to get overwhelmed under a mountain of maps and brochures of places you have been and want to go. We could not be more excited to open up our newest edition to our home decor from Conquest Maps. It is easy to keep buying more travel

Our First Three Valentine’s Days

Steven and I have visited over 200 destination together. Our love for traveling has always been part of our relationship. After one week of dating we took a trip together from Boulder, CO to NYC. Every day since then over the past three years together have been an adventure making each year more

Our favorite Instagram Couple travel bloggers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We love traveling and finding out about new places to explore. The best is getting inspiration from other travel bloggers. We have seen many blogs about the best travelers to follow on Instagram but as a couple we prefer following fellow couple bloggers! We have collected our favorite

ShadeTree Sunglasses Review

There is never a trip where we do not pack our number one travel accessory; sunglasses! No matter the destination or season, sunglasses will come in handy on any adventure. Protect your eyes from the sun, sand, wind or glare all while sprucing up your outfit and photographs. Sunglasses can easily