Walking the Historic Center of Munich, Germany

Munich, the capital of Bavaria and third largest city in Germany has so much to explore by foot. Walking through the center of the historic district will give you a glimpse into Munich's nearly 1000 years of history. It might be most famous for Oktoberfest, but do not miss out

Minnetonka Genuine Leather Moccasins

$100 Minnetonka Moccasins Gift Card Traveling the world it is important to have a solid set of shoes ready for any adventure. As travel bloggers, we also want stylish shoes to spruce up our photography. It is the best when that is in the same pair of shoes, to save space.

Del Sol: Cool Color Changing Travel Accessories

Now you might be thinking you already have a travel towel, but none compare with the color-changing beach towel from Del Sol. This pure cotton towel is perfect for the beach, pool or as a picnic blanket. Our first spring day at the park with the towel had everyone admiring the color

Cariloha Bamboo Road Trip Pillow

Whenever we head out onto the road for a trip longer than 30 minutes, Jazmin always grabs a pillow to score a nap on the go. Traveling by car and camping does not have the same limitation on size as when traveling by airplane. A comfortable night's sleep is key to

Discovery Trekking Outfitters: The Ultimate Travel Towels

When traveling from one place to another one of our biggest issues are weight and space in our luggage. We found about Discovery Trekking Outfitters and their amazing towels. After using them for the first time we instantly fell in love with them. We have the Extreme Ultralite Towel and the Ultra

Travel To Blank: The story behind the world traveling couple

Hello Travelers! We are Jazmin and Steven Kreimendahl, and we love traveling the world and exploring all the wonderful places to visit. We met while studying our undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder and have not stopped traveling since. After Steven graduated we both quit our jobs and began a two month road trip around the United States. We

Guide to the Best Hotels in Coca, Ecuador

Most people might not know this, but Ecuador is home to a small section of the Amazon Rainforest. The best way to explore this natural beauty is in Yasuni National Park in the northeast of the country. Coca is a small city known as being the gateway to the rainforest. Pretty

5 Things to do in Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park is one of the most biologically diverse spots on Earth. This massive rainforest is located in northern Ecuador as part of the Amazon River Basin. We spent a whole week exploring one of the greenest places on earth! While Yasuni is less than 1% of the Amazon Basin, it is