Hiking Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca is a colorful sedimentary mountain with a peak of just over 5,000m (16,466 ft). Because of this, we recommend to at least aclimate for three days in Cusco, Peru before going on a day trip to Rainbow Mountain. We were picked up at our hotel in Cusco at 3:30 am

Last minute Amazon holidays gift for travelers under $25

If you are looking for a last minute gift for your friend or family member who is always traveling, we have you covered with the best travel gifts under $25. AUKEY Clip-On Smartphone Camera Lens Clip on smartphone lenses are the best addition you can get for your photography travel gear.

The ultimate travel gift guide for male travelers in 2016

  Whether it is your father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend or amigo loves traveling, they will really appreciate a travel related gift for the upcoming holidays, their birthday or any other day of the year! Get them the perfect gift with our travel gift guide. RFID blocking wallet As technology advances on our

5 Reasons For Not Traveling, And Why They’re Wrong

Most people consider traveling to be a luxury for a chance to explore various destinations and learn more about different cultures. Although traveling around the world can prove to be exciting, many people avoid the experience due to several different excuses. There are a number of reasons that people avoid

Top 4 websites for the best flight deals

It can get stressful when trying to find the right flights. Flight costs differ between airlines, some leave you with long layovers and some charge different prices depending on how you buy them. That is why we recommend you use a platform that helps you compare the all the airlines prices and

10 tips to improve your travel photos

While traveling we love to take pictures and sharing them with you. We have taken several photography classes between us and now have years of practice under our belts. Travel memories may last a lifetime, but photos are a really great refresher for our brain. We want to share our top ten tips

How to see Grand Cayman in one day

We tried to come up with some words to convince you to visit the Cayman Islands, but we think the pictures speak for themselves. Anyone who likes unique nature, diving or just relaxing on the beach will fall in love with the main island Grand Cayman and its transparent waters. While