Guide to the Best Hotels in Coca, Ecuador

Most people might not know this, but Ecuador is home to a small section of the Amazon Rainforest. The best way to explore this natural beauty is in Yasuni National Park in the northeast of the country. Coca is a small city known as being the gateway to the rainforest. Pretty

5 Things to do in Yasuni National Park

Yasuni National Park is one of the most biologically diverse spots on Earth. This massive rainforest is located in northern Ecuador as part of the Amazon River Basin. We spent a whole week exploring one of the greenest places on earth! While Yasuni is less than 1% of the Amazon Basin, it is

Witness the Pink Amazon River Dolphin at Yaku Warmi

The community of Martinica was legally formed in 1997 with a 150 members. The community joined together to start protecting and conserving their land by registering it for personal use and an area specificity for tourism. The Yaku Warmi cabañas are built at the heart of the conservation land for tourists

Glamping in the Yasuni Rainforest National Park

We stayed at the Mandaripanga Yasuni Jungle Expedition in the heart of the Yasuni National Park. They offer a beautiful glamping spot in the middle of the jungle. This new project is located in the river bank of the Tiputini River, a tributary of the Amazon River. There are not other operators or tours

Exploring the Coastal Province of Santa Elena, Ecuador

As an Ecuadorian, Jazmin grew up going to the beaches of Santa Elena, Ecuador. Santa Elena is a coastal province just north of Guayaquil, Jaz's hometown. Its main attractions are of its beaches, of course! It has so many different beaches to enjoy including Punta Carnero, Playa Rosada, Olón and the famous Montañita. We were

Witness the Guayacanes Blossoms in Colimes, Ecuador

Colimes is a small town located 90km, or an hour and a half drive north of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Once a year the Guayacanes blossom, creating a beautiful sea of yellow flowers. The blossom takes place between the months of December and January, depending on the rainfall and lasts for only one week. In Colimes,

Top Day Trips from Quito, Ecuador

There is so many things to do and see in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. However, there are some times you just want to get out of the busy city for the day. Luckily, surrounding Quito are many attractions, perfect for a day adventure. Hop in your car and enjoy the