Minnetonka X Duluth Pack: Sheepskin Slippers and Suede Bag

The latest collection by Minnetonka is out and is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Minnetonka has teamed up with fellow Minnesota based company, Duluth Pack, to bring us the Minnetonka X Duluth Pack Collection. The entire collection is based on the olive colors of Duluth Pack mixed with Minnetonka’s comfortable suede and

Women’s Passport Stamps Classic Canvas Shoes Review

Let your love for travel shine through with a stylish pair of shoes from Imagination Travels. Having a comfortable set of shoes is clutch to keeping your feet happy while traveling the world. Jazmin loves her new Passport Stamps Canvas Shoes. She was wearing them in the Balloon Fiesta event

Make your road trip a memorable one

Even if you are not traveling with family and you have planned a trip with friends, there are several ways to make sure you have a fun time during the trip. We are sure you will not want to miss on these hacks as they will save you a hell

Mon Purse review: The perfect bag for you!

There might be many brands offering customized leather items but Mon Purse is by far my favorite. It is a high end purse that can be customized to your taste, at a fair price. Mon Purse uses the same quality material and craftsmanship as other luxurious labels with the difference

Tech21 Macbook Pro Snap Case Review

As travel writers our computer go through more wear and tear than the average users. Traveling around the world does take a toll on our electronics. We finally got fed up with the scratches and decide to seek out for a study laptop cover. After doing some research and reading a lot

Cabin Zero: The Ultimate Carry On Bag

When planning our next adventure, we always find ourselves trying to figure out the right suitcase for each trip. There are so many considerations to think through. If you are traveling by plane, should you check the bag or is a carry on enough? Either way, does the luggage have an extra

Minnetonka Genuine Leather Moccasins

$100 Minnetonka Moccasins Gift Card Traveling the world it is important to have a solid set of shoes ready for any adventure. As travel bloggers, we also want stylish shoes to spruce up our photography. It is the best when that is in the same pair of shoes, to save space.